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Let any article or report speak to you by converting URLs to audio with RatherListen. Then make catching up on the latest stories easier by exercising or doing chores.

Listen to News
Article distractions

Just Content. No Noise.

Add an article from any website by pasting the URL or clicking our Chrome extension, and RatherListen will pull out just the article's headline and text, so you're not distracted by ads, suggestions for other articles, reader comments, pop-ups, or any other useless information that gets in the way of what you really want to know.

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Get the Latest Updates, Hands-free

Fit reading back into your schedule by turning your commute, workout, or yard work into your chance to read more than just the headlines.

Political Debate

Literally Listen to Both Sides

Sometimes it's hard to know if you're getting the whole story. Make sure you're hearing all the facts and perspectives by listening to multiple news sources. Fit the extra content in your schedule by listening at 1.5x speed.

Build Your Queue & Listen Later

Save articles you see throughout the day to your RatherListen library to listen to when you have time. Our favorite times to listen are on morning walks!

Article distractions

Tested & Optimized for Dozens of Sources

We've taken extra care to make sure RatherListen gives you the best possible experience when used to convert articles from top news agencies.

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